White Sage Smudge Stick or Torch

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California White Sage Comes from the Latin word ‘salvia’ which means ‘to heal’ it’s the most popular herb used for cleansing, purification & warding off negative energies and evil spirits from spaces and oneself.

Burning “smudging” has been practiced for centuries used in ritual work to purify and clear unwanted energies and draw in positive spirits and energy. Sage has shown to have anti-bacterial properties – a recent study showed that a room stayed almost entirely bacteria-free for 24 hours after burning sage. Some strains of harmful bacteria could not be detected for up to 30 days.

Use sage to smudge your home, altar, office, yourself to cleanse & remove energy. Using sage is like using household bleach, it removes everything! That means it removes the good and the bad energy, so please keep aware that after using sage you must replace and fill the voided energy.

You can use Palo Santo (you can find this on our site) or essential oils, incense, etc. to replace the void with whatever your intention is. Love, peace, gratitude are all good replacements for the removed energy. We sell sage with wrapped in rise petals and rosemary which will do the trick if you do not have your own supplies.

This Sage bundle is great to use if you are moving into a new home, after a breakup and after you are sick - to clear old energy and fill your home with love and good fortune.

Each stick will come with an instructional card.



Stick: 10" long x 1-1.5" diameter

Torch: 4" long x 1.5-2" diameter