The "Beach House" Philosophy

Who We Are: We are a mother & daughter artisan team based in sunny Pacific Palisades, CA. We make unique one-of-a-kind creations and source thoughtfully curated offerings found all over the world.

What We Offer: In a nutshell, we sell home accents, home décor, gifts, self care goodies and metaphysical tools.  We offer hand poured & embellished coconut soy candles, stone tea light holders, crystal & agate wine toppers, bottle openers, soft cheese spreaders, wind chimes & coasters, crystal specimen pieces, a very large selection of hand picked healing stones, smudge wands, Palo Santo, CA White Sage adorned with rose petals from our organic garden, custom blends of essential oil rollerballs, gem elixir and moon water room & aura sprays, Himalayan bath salts infused with essential oils, hand sanitizers, vegan produce wash and so, so much more.  

How We Roll: Our goal is to tread lightly and leave as small of a footprint as possible. We proudly refill our candles, hand sanitizer, produce wash, bath salts, room & aura sprays and essential oil rollerballs. Much of our candle and bath salt containers are partially recycled glass. We use reclaimed aspen wood to make coasters and many of our candle bead toppers are made of recycled glass. We recycle, up-cycle, reuse and repurpose what we can. Most of our displays were found at thrift shops and also we repurposed items we already had.

Our Overall Theme/Vibe: 

We are inspired by the elements: earth, air, fire water & spirit.

We live at the beach, so it makes sense that we lean heavily toward ocean inspired creations. We use a lot of natural shells, starfish and sea glass; we also use nautical charm embellishments to accent our candles. 

We hand pour and embellish our coconut soy candles in small batches, use 100% cotton wicks and we have 14 amazing scents that will knock your flip flops off (check out our scents page for descriptions).

We use therapeutic grade essential oil and only the highest quality ingredients to create our bath salts, room and aura sprays, hand sanitizers, produce wash and roller balls. All of our products are made with crystals in the mixing bowls, we infuse each product with Reiki Energy and have singing bowls playing at 432 hz (aligns with our planet’s heartbeat) while we blend and package. 

We rely heavily on our intuition when we hand pick the inventory we don't make. We are extremely selective and choose for energy as well as aesthetics, we turn away far more than we choose. Every new item we bring in is bathed in saltwater (when possible), saged, infused with Reiki and left in the full moon overnight to clear so it's ready for programming.

We are always looking for creative ways to inspire and pass along positivity, love and light.  We love making people smile, one person at a time. So please check in often; we always have new offerings to share.

And you can also find us in person in Los Angeles area. Please check out our calendar page, we'd love to meet you in person!

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Thanks for taking the time to check us out!



(and my mom, Jeaneen)