Our Scents

Coconut: Sweetness of coconut & pineapple. Think Pina colada and a base of vanilla. It's summery, coconutty & super fun!

Cucumber Mint: Invigorating mint gives rise to a refreshing note of cool cucumber. Cool your senses with this unique blend of green cucumber and spring mint. This is a customer favorite.

Eucalyptus: Nice & relaxing ---- frosted Eucalyptus leaves wrapped in rich notes of gently crushed garden greens, leaving it with a unique minty/menthol scent. Very enjoyable.

Fig: Zesty, vibrant and tropical. This delicious fragrance is evocative of freshly picked Fig. Its top notes of Plum, Fig, Dew-fruit, and Grapefruit highlight the woody apple base and evoke an air of fresh fruit.

Grapefruit: Citrus and tropical with notes of lime and a hint of peach, orange peel and amber. Exhilarating, and delicious; a true smell of a sliced grapefruit.

Lemon Verbena: Amazingly powerful lemon scent, it smells like a fresh lemon was squeezed right into the candle! So fresh, clean, and uplifting

Orange:  Citrus aroma with notes of pineapple, blood orange, apples and sweet vanilla. It's as invigorating as taking a bite of a juicy blood orange! 

Pear Pomegranate: The melody of two juicy fruits together pear and pomegranate. Tart lemonade notes of pomegranate with sweet green pears and a delicate bottom note of fresh flowers.

Pine: A virtual forest of Christmas trees, wonderfully woodsy pleasant fragrance - great for the holidays

Rose: Wild and thorny, primeval savage roses. This isn’t your grandmother’s rose.

Sage Lavender: An herbal combination of lavender, lime, sage, jasmine, and Artemis leaves with a hint of sandalwood. This is one of our favorites.

Sandalwood Plumeria: A mystical aura vibe with evoking hints of sandalwood, amber and musk…clear the room I must mediate now!