White Sage + Lavender Smudge Bundle

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(Cleansing, Peace, Love) is a lovely combination. The Sage is used to cleanse & purify and to protect physical spaces, psychic energy, and objects such as your crystals from negative energy and entities. The wild lavender then fills the void with a calming and peaceful feel, making this combo great to use when you want love and peace. Superb for meditation in achieving balance, clarity, cleansing, Divine Alignment & harmony. Also, equally beneficial in reducing stress. Smudge during energy work on releasing guilt and shame and working on embracing self-love.  Get a big love hug in combo with our Self Love Aura Bath Salts.

Bio and instructions come with the Sage + Lavender in a handy organza storage bag.

The bundle is 4” and 1 ½” diameter.