Dragon's Blood & White Sage Smudge Bundle

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(Extra Boost, Protection, Creativity) We LOVE Dragon’s Blood! It’s a powerful combination to clear, ground, heal & protect yourself and the energy in your space.  Dragon’s Blood enhances the benefits of the white sage and gives you the extra boost of metaphysical protection.

Sanguis Draconis or Dragon’s Blood Tree was discovered in Indonesia, but some of the oldest specimens are also found locally from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The sap from the tree is red which when burned has a spicy, earthy scent. Resin is also collected from the berries which only are produced from a Dragon Tree that is 30 years and older.  Our sage is painted or “dipped” in the sap from younger trees in San Diego.

Dragon’s Blood has been used for centuries as a powerful protector against negativity and lower vibrations. It stimulates the Sacral Chakra awakening creativity and inspiration. It’s especially supportive to increase the potency of magical spells and to energize you psychically, magically & spiritually. 

We find it quite magical, the aroma and the intensity of knowing you have the extra bump when you are working is quite satisfying.

Bio and instructions come with the Dragon's Blood in a handy organza storage bag.

The bundle is 4” and 1 ½” diameter.