Healing Crystals & Stones

We have a large selection of hand picked healing stones from all over the world.

Healing crystals & stones are are a wonderful asset to any energy work. Just as we are made of of energy, so are stones - over centuries, healers discovered the magical properties specific stones & crystals can offer.

Our healing stones offer support physically and emotionally. The most favorite stones purchased from our site are the rocks that help increase inner peace and prosperity.

We think the best way to find the right stone specific to your need is to look simply scroll down and look at the photos of all the rocks. While you are gazing, make a list of the stones that appeal to you or which stone is drawing you in just by you looking at it. After you have made your list, then go back and read the properties of the stones that you chose - you may just find what you are looking for. Sometimes this is challenging because you are are also receiving additional transmitted energy through your computer. Hematite fixes that right up! We always have a hematite next to our computer to absorb unwanted energy.

Please poke around and if you have any questions - just ask!


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