Himalayan Bath Salts

Himalayan Bath Salt & Epsom Salt Infused with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Why Our Bath Salts Are So Amazing:

Your skin is a highly porous membrane that takes in minerals and eliminates toxins every day. Using a powerful mineral base such as Himalayan Salts & Epsom Salts creates a reverse osmosis process. This process pulls salt and harmful toxins out of the body & allows the magnesium and sulfates from the Salts Salts to enter the body.

Bathing with Himalayan & Epsom Salts & Essential Oils 2-3 times weekly is not only a great gift to your body; it’s a special natural healthy gift to give to others. Our salts are organic, our oils are so pure you can eat them (we do, we actually cook with them!) and we use recycled glass receptacles as much as we can. Keep your glass containers - we can’t wait to refill your salts and learn how you experienced your salts!!!

Because we love recycling, we made every effort to use recycled glass containers for our salts. Our decorative glass bottles are recycled glass from Spain and our canning jars are 'eco-glass'. Save your bottle and let us refill your bath salts!! Bring us back your recycled glass container and we'll hook you up for $1.75 per ounce by weight or of you don't live near us, order just the salts by the ounce online, we will mail your salts in a Ziploc bag - you can transfer the salts to your container.

A little background on Salts, boring or not, it’s the truth: Himalayan Sea Salts have a higher content of minerals than any other salts in the world.  Magnesium in Epsom Salts which plays a critical role in over 325 enzymes in our bodies. Both salts are known to naturally help slow down the aging process, promote energy, relieve stress, reduce fluid retention, reduce inflammation, calm the nervous system, balance the skin, energize the body, increase circulation & blood flow, oxygenate the body, flush toxins, strengthen bones & nails, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. Both Salts have sulfates which are necessary building blocks for healthy joints, skin, and nervous tissue...and they make your skin so soft & moisturized too!!

You would think we would stop at our salts (kind of all you need, right?) but we wanted more - because we LOVE our therapeutic grade essential oils, we chose to add them to our original salt blends. Our blends have been intensely researched & lovingly tested. Each blend is thoughtfully created targeting a specific goal.

Our blends are listed on the drop-down menu after you choose which the bottle type you would like. FYI – whatever target blend you choose, your body will thank you!

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