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Our Premium White Sage & Herbs bundles are 100% organic & sustainably & ethically harvested in Southern San Diego and Chino, CA. Why don’t we make our own bundles? We’ve tried – many times! Binding and wrapping are a true art, a talent that neither my mom nor I possess. So, we decided to stay in our lane, and we sourced the best quality and craftsmanship, as well ethically locally.

Every plant is harvested with love and prayer. Our farmers begin and end their day in prayer and ask and receive permission from the plants that they are harvesting.  

Our farmers cut the plants at the appropriate time to allow for proper regrowth.

Each bundle is lovingly handmade and tied off with 100% natural cotton thread.

Our Palo Santo is also ethically and responsibly harvested from only fallen tree branches in Peru. Also ethically harvested and gathered with care and love.

When we receive our sage bundles and Palo Santo, we infuse and charge them with healing Reiki Energy, to further enhance the power of each one.

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