White Sage + Yerba Santa Smudge Bundle

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(Move Forward, Courage, Boundaries) WE LOVE THIS BLEND. It clears energy so you can move forward, for protection, setting boundaries & releasing of emotional pain. It’s a kick butt and take names kind of blend.

Yerba Santa is used to support & stimulate inner courage. To help us face what needs to be done. Yerba Santa is a great to use when you are looking to start a meditation or beginning a spiritual journey, it aids in finding your innermost self and Sage is enormously powerful, it is excellent for ridding negative or unwanted energy & purification, also in meditation & divination.

This is a wonderful blend to clear your healing stones & tools especially on a Full Moon to release whatever is holding you back; on a New Moon to prepare for new beginnings & fresh starts; in a new home, after a breakup, divorce or death. For opening up & clearing Heart Energy.

Bio and instructions come with the Sage + Yerba Santa in a handy organza storage bag.

The bundle is 4” and 1 ½” diameter.