White Sage + Pine Smudge Bundle

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(Super Cleansing, Prosperity, House Clearing, New Home)  Loved by our customers at the farmers market because of its excellent all-purpose double whammy of energy cleansing, healing, and strengthening. Pine & Sage are similar, but the addition of pine to the sage brings a really nice boost of a smooth woodsy scent to the herbaceous pungent scent of sage. 

Pine is an excellent herb for cleansing and protection and like all evergreens, Pine is associated with prosperity and good health. Pine needles are traditionally used to bless a new home. This is a great combo to give as a housewarming for new homes. In Druid lore, the Pine tree stands for persistence, moderation, and self-confidence.

Bio and instructions come with the Sage + Pine in a handy organza storage bag.

The bundle is 4” and 1 ½” diameter.