White Sage + Palo Santo Smudge Bundle

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(Clears, Protection, Grounds, Rids Entities)                               

Sage comes from the Latin word Salvia, which means to heal. Sage is one of the most sacred & powerful herbs & has been used by Native Americans for centuries in ritual ceremonies for clearing, purification & dispelling negative entities & evil spirits. Sage has antimicrobial properties and is wonderful to use when you are sick to clean the air.

Palo is the magical wood from the Bursera Graveolens tree that grows on the coast of South America. Palo Santo literally means “Holy Wood” and can only be harvested from fallen branches or once the tree has died and naturally fallen in the rainforest. Palo also cleanses negative energy in a room, your altar or your own energetic field, Palo is a softer energy & compliments Sage very well.                                                                                

Burning both together is a perfect way to add good energy vibes back into your space.                                       

Both Sage & Palo are used protect & clear physical spaces, psychic energy, and objects such as your crystals from negative energy and entities.

Bio and instructions come with the Sage + Palo Santo in a handy organza storage bag.

The bundle is 4” and 1 ½” diameter.