I learned how to use natural remedies and blend herbs and oils from my mom. Ever since I was little, whenever I wasn't feeling well, my mom and I worked together to figure out which remedy (oils, homeopathic, tinctures, flower essences, healing stones, etc) would make me feel better. She would ask me a series of questions, basically, "who, what, where, when & why" together we would figure out which remedy will stop the dis-ease.  She didn't tell me, she she showed me. When I was old enough and I had the tools, my mom stopped showing me, she would point to the library of books we have and would say, "Go to the book" as frustrating as that was, her making me research on my own helped me learn my body and energy, but also to help others.

All of our formulas are created by me. I use research, intuition, and my knowledge & experience to get my base and then I use the scent profiles to blend a great formula that is effective and smells good too. 

Our mists are made with gem elixir spring water powered by moon (meaning we charge the water with crystals and the moon) so before we even add our essential oils, the water alone is running at a higher frequency and filled with healing and goddess energy. The essential oils we use are highest quality, ethically sourced and therapeutic grade.

Every batch we make is blended with healing stones in our mixing bowl, we have singing bowls playing at 432hz (the frequency of the earth) and we send healing Reiki Energy to the formula as we are blending. Some formulas have healing stones in the mister, so always give your bottle a little shake.

EO ROLLER BALLS: At some point I plan to bring back my rollerballs (one of a kind essential oil blends diluted enough to be rolled onto the skin). Those of you who have purchased them in the past know how great they are/were. It's the packaging I', having issue with. But if you really want one, let me know and I will make one for you.

Coming SOON: Liquid Hand Soap! So keep checking back. This is my mom's formula, we've been using/testing it since Covid and we think it's great.



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