Chakra Room + Aura Mist ~ Throat Chakra

Chakra Room + Aura Mist ~ Throat Chakra

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Located at our throat, our Throat Chakra represents "I SPEAK" - This is where our voice, our truth & our communication resides. This Chraka represents speaking up, expressing ourselves, clarity & responsibility. If you have trouble or fear speaking in public, lack of courage to express your true thoughts, or a tendency to talk too much  your Throat Chakra is likely blocked. Physical signs of an unbalanced fifth Chakra are sore throat, hoarseness, thyroid problems, or TMJ. That's where our mist comes in!

To unblock or balance your Throat Chakra with our mist simply spray over yourself & your aura, or directly over your Throat Chakra, take a few deep breaths and try to really visualize your Throat Chakra opening up and flooding the rest of your body with a cool & strengthening blue light. You can also supplement this process with any of our blue stones.

Stones to use to balance & open our Throat Chakra:

Expression - Communication

2 oz

Throat Chakra Mist contains Distilled Moon & Gem Water, Witch Hazel & 100% Therapeutic Grade Essentials (Basil, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosemary)

We have also added 5 Aquamarine chips to further strengthen this blend.

*Shake well before each use*