Chakra Room + Aura Mist ~ Crown Chakra

Chakra Room + Aura Mist ~ Crown Chakra

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Located at the top of our heads Crown Chakra represents "I UNDERSTAND" - This is where our thought, our consciousness & our connection to spirit resides. This Chraka represents wisdom, unity & self knowledge. If you feel confused, disconnected from the World, or a lack of focus your Third Eye Chakra is likely blocked. Physical signs of an unbalanced seventh Chakra are poor coordination or imbalance. That's where our mist comes in!

To unblock or balance your Crown Chakra with our mist simply spray over yourself & your aura, or directly over your Crown Chakra, take a few deep breaths and try to really visualize your Crown Chakra opening up and flooding the rest of your body with a tranquil & strong purple light. You can also supplement this process with any of our purple or white stones.

Stones to use to balance & open our Crown Chakra:

Spirituality - Enlightenment

2 oz

Crown Chakra Mist contains Distilled Moon & Gem Water, Witch Hazel & 100% Therapeutic Grade Essentials (Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Lavender & Palo Santo)

We have also added Clear Quartz chips to further strengthen this blend.

*Shake well before each use*