White Haliotis Midae Polished

White Haliotis Midae Polished

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Abalone is an essential tool that has been used for centuries by Native Americans in smudging rituals. Used for its protective and healing qualities, and obvious bowl shape to catch the ash. However, smudging also intentionally involves all four elements and Abalone is also used to invoke the first element of Water. The second element is Sage, a gift from Mother Earth, the Fire produced from lighting the sage is the third element and smoke produced from the fire represents Air, the fourth element. Also, Air is represented by the feather wand which is used to help direct the smoke.

White Haliotis Midae is from South Africa. The outer shell has been polished to bring out the natural beautiful coral red folds and then sealed with a clear resin. The inside is natural untouched and unpolished.

Perfect for burning Sage and Palo Santo. Not great for a soap dish as the air holes are too close to the base of the shell.A beautifully dramatic display piece.

Each unique, one-of-a-kind shell is about 5" x 3.75" All of our shells are handpicked by us and is equally as beautiful as the next.