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Turkish Towel - Medium Weight - Green & Ivory - Super Soft36"x70"

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We are so happy to be able to share this medium weight Peshtemal 36"x70" 100% high quality Cotton Turkish Towel with you. It's chemical free & naturally dyed threads. These chic towels are super soft and compact, we simply adore them! Thin enough to use as a scarf, perfect for a sarong by the pool, great for the gym, they make great throws, they really are the perfect item for traveling -  so versatile. These towels are an upscale alternative to beach, bathroom & spa towels. They dry quickly. 

We use both of our Turkish Towels depending the weather and what we are doing literally every day!  Even our dogs and cats love them!

Oh - and they get softer with each wash!!! 

A candle, a towel & some bath salts!? Who wouldn't want that combo as a gift?

Towels are wrapped with sisal and include a Bursa slice real shell (string the Bursa on a leather choker and wear it as a necklace!!).

Easy care: Machine wash & dry. Ends don't fray or knot.

Available in an assortment of hues including: Yellow, Rootbeer, Green, Navy Blue, Miami Blue, Pink, Salmon, Seafoam Green, Sky Blue, Magenta, and Grey