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Nirvana Quartz Raw Healing Stone

Nirvana Quartz Raw Healing Stone

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This is a very very high vibration crystal, its strong metaphysical properties help move toward a state of enlightenment. They are called Nirvana as It relates to reaching a state of letting go of things that bind us to this life – spiritual enlightenment. 

These crystals were first found in 2006 at very high altitudes of 18,000 in the Himalayan Mountains of India, under retreating glaciers. These crystals are very difficult to mine and are brought down the mountain by foot. 

They are also called Pink Himalayan Ice Quartz.

Each raw healing stone is unique and handpicked by us, it also comes with a small card stating the properties of Nirvana Quartz

For more information on Nirvana Quartz please visit our Crystal Properties page.

The crystals we have a available are between 1 and 1.8 ounce Please choose.