Menalite Fairy Stone "Feminine Wisdom"

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Menalite is the perfect stone for any one who wants to embrace their inner Goddess! It is known as the Fairy Stone or the Feminine Wisdom Stone and is fabulous for women in every stage of life.

It is lovely stone to help young ladies approaching womanhood, giving her support during those times when young girls may feel insecure. It can help them find their way.

From pregnancy to menopause, Menalite, is a guiding stone, helping us to stay grounded, supporting us mentally and physically and leading us to our inner Goddess. 

The stones in the photo are exactly 10 grams each and are between 1 1/4" to 2" and are rounded in shape. Each stone will come in an organza bag and a card that provides the crystal properties. These stones are from Morroco.

For more information on Menalite please visit our Crystal Properties page.