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Hurricane Ocean Inspired (Essential Oil - Insert)

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Ocean Inspired Hurricane. Each hurricane is handmade and contains paraffin wax infused with Sea Glass, Sea Rocks, Shells, Starfish and/or Sand dollars. This round "container" is 3 1/2" tall and 4" wide in diameter. Each hurricane is unique, yours will be a beautiful as the photo shown.

The hurricane does not have a scent and requires a votive (3 1/2 ounce glass votive) to illuminate. This is Not a candle, it is a container which is why we are comfortable in using paraffin.

Purchasing options:

  • $ 34.00 Hurricane with a 3.5 oz. round coconut soy wax votive with 100% essential oil scent & a glass recycled bead from Ghana.
  •             Wild Orange: Helps rid of depression, fear, anxiety & promotes    concentration & happiness.
  •             Lemon: Helps invigorate, refresh, and purify
  •             Grapefruit: Helps reassurance/confidence, antioxidant
  •             “Happy Calm”: A unique blend of Lavender & Wild Orange essential oil - which promotes peaceful and joyous feelings.


  •  Also Available: $29.00 Hurricane with a 3.5 oz. round coconut soy wax votive with essential oil base fragrance & a glass recycled bead from Ghana.
  •             Cucumber Mint: Refreshing & light scent
  •             Pear Pomegranate: Sweet & enticing scent
  •             Lemon: Fresh & inspiring scent
  •             Blood Orange: Bold & fresh scent
  •             Grapefruit: Sweet & soft scent