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Hope Love Trust Intention Candle

Hope Love Trust Intention Candle

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This candle is the perfect candle that embodies what everyone should be feeling right now. Hope, Love and Trust. I don't think we need to go into any more detail.....

This coconut soy wax intention candle is 7 ounces, and will burn either side of 40 hours. It comes with 3 healing stones which we feel are perfect for this intention. Amethyst for protection & to help reduce stress; Carnelian for life & vitality; and Clear Quartz amplifies the other stones and promotes manifestation. This grouping is perfect to help facilitate Hope Love & Trust. 

Burn this candle while meditating, or taking a bath (we have lovely bath salts too), in your home office or anywhere you want to bring in a little universal Hope, Love and Trust.

Please choose your scent, you candle will be hand poured and set just for you. The scent profiles are listed in our scent page.