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Happy & Calm Intention Candle

Happy & Calm Intention Candle

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Happy and Calm is a lot of what we could all use right now.

We love the wave charm on our Happy and Calm coconut soy wax Intention candle. The ocean has always been a source of peace and calm, a place to go to and clear your head or find your happy place. 

This candle is 7 ounces, and will burn either side of 40 hours. It comes with 2 healing stones which we feel are perfect for this intention. Rose Quartz is the love stone, it helps promotes love & happiness and is very calming and Clear Quartz amplifies other stones and brings healing high vibrations. This grouping is perfect to bring in calming love and happy light.

Burn this candle while meditating, or taking a bath (we have lovely bath salts too), in your home office or anywhere you want to bring in a little happy calm in your world.

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