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Gray Agate Slice ~ Coconut Soy Wax Square Candle

Gray Agate Slice ~ Coconut Soy Wax Square Candle

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This coconut soy wax candle is adorned with a unique one-of-a-kind Agate geode slice. When the candle is burning, the light will shine though the Agate which will enhance the stones beautiful variations - and it is just breathtaking. 

The Agate Stone is known as the “Stable Soldier”. It is very calming and has an even and steady energy. Each candle will come with a crystal information card.

Because each Agate is unique, you may not receive the same exact Agate slice on your candle, but please know that we hand pick each of our stones and crystals so we can promise you that each specimen is just as beautiful as the next.

Each candle is hand-poured and embellished by me and my mom!

In keeping with our eco-friendly vibe, after the wax is used, purchase our tealights to fill your empty candle $6 for a set of 4 link here ----. Or use the empty container as décor in your home as a succulent planter, a paper clip holder, etc.  

$32.00 Cube: 7 Ounces / Burn time approximately 40 hours


Please click the link to Our Scents page to pick your favorite scent and then my mom and I will hand pour and embellish your unique candle. We 14 amazing scents to choose from.

Remember to remove the recycled glass bead and always trim wick to 1/4" before each use Place candle on a protected surface as the glass can get hot.

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