Feather Smudge Wand “The Wild One”

Feather Smudge Wand “The Wild One”

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*This is exact wand that you will receive*

One-of-a-kind Feather Smudge wand hand-made by my mom and I

About 13” tall at the tip of the Turkey feather 

Selenite base wrapped with 100% Vegan suede and a beautiful assortment of feathers. 

Selenite is cleansing, balancing, and also clearing. We love combining smudging with Selenite for an extra boost or cleansing energy!

You can use this wand to cleanse yourself and also your crystals!

All of our feathers are ethically sourced or found by us  and then cleaned and sanitized. 

Feathers consist of: 

  • Turkey Feather
  • Red Lady Amherst Pheasant Feather
  • Black Lady Amherst Pheasant Feather 
  • Rooster Tail Feathers 
  • Chicken Feathers (from our farm in Malibu)