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Amethyst Crystal Tower (1) - SOLD

Amethyst Crystal Tower (1) - SOLD

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This is the exact specimen you will receive. This piece would be beautiful in a bathroom or used as the central stone in meditation.

For more information on Amethyst properties, uses, and myths please visit our Crystal Properties page.

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190 g

Crystal towers are usually 6-sided crystals that converge to a point on one end and are flat on the other end. Energy is directed upward towards the point and outward.

You can also use a tower to amplify your intentions when using a grid, by touching the point of the tower to each of the crystals in your crystal grid, even if the central stone is not a tower. This will magnify the energy spreading throughout your crystal grid.

Towers can also be used just as you would a wand, as they generate power at the tip. Write down a wish or intention.

Use your crystal tower during meditation, distance healing or even on yourself to increase enthusiasm, relieve pain and to connect to other like-minded people.