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Protection Intention Candle

Protection Intention Candle

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This Protection Intention Candle is perfect to burn when you feel you need a little armor around you.

Choose either the Hamsa or the Evil Eye embellishment and also your scent of Mahogany Musk, Lavender, Black Amber, Sandalwood Plumeria or Eucalyptus.

This coconut soy wax intention candle is 7 ounces, and will burn either side of 40 hours. It comes with 2 healing stones which we feel are perfect for this intention. Tiger's Eye which helps release fear & brings protection and Clear Quartz works with the Tiger's Eye and promotes manifestation. This grouping is perfect to help bring protection and grounding, it will come with cards that tell about the healing stones and also a card with the instructions below.


Find a comfortable quiet place before you light your candle, just sit with it think of the feeling of being protected and what that means for you. Begin taking in a few deep breaths holding that feeling, then light your candle, relax your shoulders and continue on with slow, deep, methodical breathing; with each breath, envision a white light coming to you and circling around you. This white light is a shield of protection, imagine it becoming thicker and stronger until you are completely surrounded in a safe energetic space. Watch the candle burn, cup your hands around the flame, keeping a safe distance of about 7 inches, feel the warmth of the flame, envision the protective light circling you and also coming from the flame though your hands, breathe in deeply through your nose one deep breath for 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds then slowly release though your mouth for 10 seconds, and say out loud or to yourself, "I am Protected, I am Safe" 3 times. When you are at peace lose by putting your hands together over your heart and thank the universe and know that you are protected.

This doesn't mean you can go run in front of a bus and expect not to be hurt, or walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night. This means that you have put a energetic field around you. This is one of many ways to protect your aura. In physicality, surrounding yourself in white light and carrying your stones, is a physical reminder that you protected to not get emotionally triggered by what others may say or do, and a reminder that their words can not penetrate you.  Remember to always take the high road and that thinking positive will eventually overtake the negative. 

Please choose your scent, you candle will be hand poured and set just for you.