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Intention Candles with Healing Stones

These beautiful candles are set with intention and are perfect to meditate with or just to enjoy knowing they were poured with love and purpose.

As we are hand pouring our Eco-friendly coconut soy candles, we place specially selected healing stones into the wax as it's setting. We choose the healing stones based on the intention we want to set and then add a beautiful related charm to further embody the focus.

All of our candles are infused with healing Reiki energy and hand poured in small batches while singing bowls at 432 hz are being played. All of our healing stones are cleared and bathed in saltwater (for stones that can get wet), we leave them under the full moon and in the morning we rub mineral oil, lavender, sandalwood & rose essential oils into each one.

Included with each candle are cards which tell about the healing stones so you can continue to work on your intention. We can refill your candle and we also sell tea lights as refills. The vessel can easily be wiped out and repurposed, for uses such as a pencil holder, or for a succulent, a small vase, or a home for your healing stones.

We are happy to make you a specific intention candle, just reach out to us.

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