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Natural Shell Candles

Okay - Not to toot our own horn; but hands down these all natural coconut soy candles are divine, & original! We use real natural shells and pour the wax into the shells! Like always we use our signature recycled glass beads from Ghana, Africa. Each candle is unique from the shell to the bead and can not be duplicated.

These shell candles burn so beautifully, as the light glows through the shell, you can see the detail and colors - it's really such a amazing sight. Truly special.

Due to the uniqueness of each shell we may have to use a silver bead, another small shell, a wood or Lucite stand to properly secure your candle so it will have the most optimal candle use.

Once your candle is empty, we will be happy to refill it for you or you can purchase our tealights as a replacement. You can also just use the empty shell as an accent piece in your home. Shells are are beautiful!

We can make custom orders. If you have an empty shell, we can fill it for you and have many empty shells listed on our site that are for sale - you can choose the scent!

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