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Orgonite & Shungite Pyramid

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Orgonite & Shungite Pyramid charged with Reiki Energy

About 2"x2"

Orgone is an energy, similarly to Prana, Chi and Universal Energy / Life Force Energy. It’s achieved by combining equal parts of resin and metal shavings. A quartz crystal is added to the resin and metal shavings for metaphysical benefits. In curing, the resin pressurizes the quartz causing the quartz to give off a charge. The end result is that all the components in the orgonite constantly attract or repel energy as the organic material attracts and holds orgone energy and the non-organic metals attract and repel energy. This creates a cleansing action of the surrounding energy. Along with the charge the crystal gives off, this combination cleans stagnant and negative energy also repelling it at the same time.

Orgonite energy benefits: Balances and strengthens the energetic field; Helps provide protection against EMFs; Helps to remove negative energy, Increased resistance to illness; Deepen meditation; Helps balance moods, Promotes better sleep and vivid dreams and can bring more energy.

Shungite “The Miracle Stone”

Adding Shungite to the Orgonite further protects from EMF exposure, heals lower chakras, facilitates transformational healing & positive change. Vanquishes negative energies & thoughts, promotes metal clarity & increases personal power.

Dr Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian psychiatrist who was a member of the second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud. He was a very controversial figure for his progressive views. He researched Orgone energy in the 1930’s and the Orgonite devices today are built on his findings.

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