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Bath Tea & Tea Light Set

Bath Tea & Tea Light Set

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This set will surely make anyone happy; it is a sampling of our best candle scents, our bath salts and corresponding healing stones to boost ones experience.

We are offering 2 Bath Tea Sets . Each set includes 4 different scents of our tea light size coconut soy wax candles, 2 healing stones with information cards and 1 bath soak with fresh roses from our organic garden. All components will be thoughtfully wrapped, please see photo.

The bath tea is a single use bath, just drop the organza bag with all of its contents of salts, crystals & roses directly into a warm bath & enjoy. After your bath, retrieve the bag, toss the roses & keep the healing stones.


     Tea Light Scents Set of 4: Lavender; Sandalwood Plumeria; Grapefruit; & Black Amber

     Healing Stones 2: Howlite for deep calming relaxation & Amethyst for stress & protection

     Bath Salts / 1 Bath:  Himalayan & Epsom salts, Cedarwood, Lavender, Ylang ylang, Jasmine,  Marjoram,  Geranium & Myrrh therapeutic grade essential oils and fresh rose petals from our garden.


Happy Calm:

     Tea Light Scents Set of 4: Lavender Orange; Pear Pomegranate; Coconut; and Cucumber Mint

     Healing Stones 2: Rose Quartz for love and peace & Clear Quartz for raising vibrations and amplifying

     Bath Salts / 1 Bath:  Himalayan & Epsom salts, Lavender and Orange therapeutic grade essential oils and fresh rose petals from our garden.


 Our candles are hand poured by my mom and I, we use natural coconut soy wax which burns longer and won’t leave soot, each tealight will burn up to 5 hours. Our scents are intoxicating, once you find your favorite scent, you will never buy anywhere else again, and we refill too, so you can save your vessels and do good for the environment too!

Our Bath Salts are made with the highest quality Himalayan Sea Salt & Epsom salts, we infuse the salts with therapeutic grade essential oils and add fresh rose petals from our organic garden to our blends. Rose has the highest healing frequency of all plants and it is wonderfully restorative. Place the bag in the tub and off you go. The stones will add an added boost.

Our Healing Stones are hand picked by my mom and I; we clear each stone by bathing them in salt water and leaving them in the full moon, we oil them with mineral oil infused with lavender, sandalwood and rose oils so they are ready for programming.

 All our creations & collections are made with healing Reiki energy and infused with 432 hz singing bowls. We hope that you can feel the healing love and energy we put into each offering.