We've chosen a few of items from our collection we think may help you through these challenging times.

Of course the all important #1 choice is our hand sanitizer. Just so you know, w 99% alcohol is made in USA. We dilute the alcohol to 70% by adding  aloe, fractionated coconut oil and ethically sourced, therapeutic grade essential oils. Scroll for below for more information.

Also listed in our Self-Care collection is, our no joke, leaves a your skin so supple and smooth, Himalayan bath salts! We offer refills, that's how confident we are in our salts....Since you're in the bath, why not light a few of our best selling natural coconut soy wax candles. We have a very large variant selection. What a perfect way to promote self care & social distancing.

Once you're done with your soak, you're going to need our super soft & thick organic Turkish towel to dry you off.

Our towels are so large & soft you can use one as an indoor picnic with the kids or better yet, put the kids to bed and have an adult picnic ... a little wine, charcuterie, get cozy by the fire and watch a movie; we've got you covered - or not!

Smudging Sage & Palo are amazing ways to to clear negative energy. It's important to keep our spirits up during this difficult time. We offer Palo Santo adorned with roses and other herbs from our garden. W

Finally, we threw in a few healing stones, to help with the anxiety we are all feeling. Use these in meditation, put them by your computer, in your bath....we feel these stones resonate with the emotional unsettling we are all feeling right now.

Black tourmaline, the stone of protection, it helps put an energetic boundary between you & others, also protection from EMF's; Blue Calcite for calming, and it's a wonderful "child's stone" for balance and soothing and Selenite which amplifies all other healing stones and helps to align the Chakras. Think of Selenite as as big "Ah"! The feeling you get when you take a big breath in and then let it all out! Soooo what we need right now. We have a very large selection of healing stones available on our site. Each one is hand picked by my mom & I - we test for the energy and also aesthetics.

Please scroll down to enjoy our products - We are a mother / daughter team and local Palisades residents. We would love the opportunity to help you and anyone who finds this site in whatever we can....we're in this together.

We are also available in person on Sunday's at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market 1035 Swarthmore Ave, Pacific Palsiades, CA 90272 8-2pm

Be well!




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